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Maintaining a secure and effective internet network is a rather difficult job if you lack the know-how. Most businesses understand this is something they cannot often handle themselves. To ensure their WiFi is up and running, most organizations decide to go with a managed internet service.

Investing in managed internet should guarantee high-performance internet connectivity that is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choosing a provider for managed internet services is an important decision to make, and there are a few steps you must consider before making the final call.

1. Experience

When choosing a managed internet service you must first consider your industry. It is essential to go with a provider who has experience in your specific place of work. If you are running a restaurant, you will most likely want managed WiFi that can cater to your volume, as opposed to a provider who works mainly in a school or office building. With experience in your specific work environment, your service provider will be able to anticipate your needs more accurately.

You also want to check to see if a prospective provider is an approved vendor for major brands. There are strict guidelines that providers must adhere to in order to be on an approved vendor list, including an application process and a thorough check by the hiring brand. BlueprintRF is an example of an internet service provider who is an approved vendor for some of the travel industry’s leading hospitality brands.

2. No “Cookie-Cutter” Solutions

Your business is not like anyone else’s, so your chosen managed internet service should not operate in the same way it operates for others. If you plan on growing your business, then choosing a WiFi managed service provider who will be able to grow with it is extremely important. You will want a service that understands and can handle scalability, as opposed to one which will offer you a basic solution that is offered to a hundred other customers.

3. Reputation

In the world of managed internet, reputation is everything. You want to make sure you are doing your research and choosing a team of network providers who have been around the block a few times. There are many different providers who work in specific industries and sectors. Distilling options down to those who have a track record in your industry is a safe bet.

Similarly, it could be a costly risk to go with a new provider who is not on any kind of approved vendor list. In addition to being an approved vendor, take a look at online reviews of different providers and read what customers are saying about the quality of their service and support. Any provider with reputable clout will do all they can to ensure they are doing the right thing for hotels and brands.

4. We’re All In This Together

As with any business venture, it is important to make sure everyone involved is working together to achieve the same goal. Choosing a managed internet service that understands the teamwork behind your business and its internet connectivity is the overall goal. They must understand they hold the well-being of your business in their hands and that success for your organization is tied to the success of the internet service provider. If you find a managed WiFi service provider who understands this, they will continue working with you to make sure your business strategy succeeds and grows.

5. Support, Support, Support

Any managed internet service provider is going to tell you over and over again about their ability to provide customer support 24/7. This is good… but understand that it is equally as important to know they will make it a goal to provide friendly, accurate, and brand-specific support while responding to everyone’s needs immediately. The best providers know being prepared for challenges is just as important, if not more imperative than handling situations as they arise. Always ask potential providers what their plan is for foreseeing issues before they come to light.

Blueprint RF has 80% of calls answered in 60 seconds or less, as well as a single phone line for your business, separate from the guest phone line. Their technical support features include network and internet support, ISP tech support, full network visibility, and more.

If you are putting your time, money, and energy into your business, then it is vastly important to make sure you are choosing a managed internet service provider who will work just as hard as you to ensure the continued success of your organization. You want to consider whether or not the provider in question has the right amount of experience, as well as a favorable reputation.

You also want peace of mind in knowing they understand the uniqueness of your business and will try their best to find a solution that is custom-made to fit your needs. The managed wireless service should see the shared success in your partnership and come up with ways to prevent issues before they happen. By checking all of these boxes, you will eventually find a provider who can help you get your business on its feet with a wonderful managed internet service.

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