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We Help Your Guests Connect
To What Matters Most

7 Reasons to Work With Us
Blueprint RF Managed WiFi
Blueprint RF Managed WiFi
Blueprint RF Hotel WiFi
Blueprint RF WiFi Solutions

With Us, You Get More
Than A WiFi Network

We provide managed network solutions, and that is a large focus. However, at our core, we want to build a relationship with you. It's how we built the company - from the ground up.

We strive to be an overall value for your company and bolster that idea with WiFi solutions built to your exact needs, real-time monitoring, deep datasets, and dedicated support staff to ensure you and your guests have a reliable Internet connection.

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Blueprint RF Hotel WiFi
Hotel Managed WiFi

We’re Known for Hospitality…

Most networks are built for offices and then become impossible to manage on a larger scale. Our WiFi networks are designed specifically for your guests and customized for your exact property, no matter its size. That’s why we’re a preferred network vendor for major hotel brands throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Brands We Work With
Blueprint RF Hotel WiFi
Senior Living Community Managed WiFi Provider

…Yet Our WiFi Solutions Work For Many Others.

MDUs, country clubs, senior living communities, coworking spaces, and more. Your guests want reliable Internet anytime, anywhere, and our innovative technology delivers the strongconnection your guests expect in a modern world.

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Blueprint RF Hotel WiFi
Blueprint RF Customer Dashboard

You’ll Always Know How Your Network is Performing

Our intuitive Customer Dashboard shows you the speed, health, and capacity of your servers. Your analytics learn patterns dynamically, spotting opportunities and anticipating issues, so your WiFi network is optimized to meet your business challenges.

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Blueprint RF Hotel WiFi
WiFi Network Server

Meet the New Server That Ups the WiFi Game

At the center of our network lies DG2, our newest solution. Our WiFi network server is packed with more than 200 features and a modern architecture built from the ground up by our technology team.

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We work with several major brands and management companies, including: