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The hotel industry was suffering from bad WiFi.

The infrastructure and technology were duct-taped together with leftover pieces from various vendors—and the inadequate software was causing a terrible guest experience. The best a hotel could do was hope whatever they got would handle their needs.

But it almost never did.

Guests suffered, the systems failed, and the negative reviews reflected everyone’s frustration.

So we decided to change the process.

In 2011, Blueprint RF took hotel networking back to the drawing board.

Rather than reverse engineer modems made for offices, we created an entirely new system and designed software specifically for hospitality. The logins, the upgrade options, the data collection, the dashboard, the security… All of it was made to meet your exact needs.

And since we were the first to pioneer the technology, no one today even comes close to our understanding of your requirements.

Our systems are a watchman for your property. We custom build the best network for your specific layout, and we’re constantly monitoring for maximum speeds, safety, and internet connectivity. Often, we can prevent issues before they ever occur. If one should slip by, we’ll fix it fast.

The biggest brands in the industry place their trust in us.

Blueprint RF has earned a reputation for excellence. That’s why industry-leading brands like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Great Wolf Lodge choose us as their approved network provider. We help hotels build a better guest experience.

And it’s not just hotels.

We also service marinas, equestrian centers, and restaurants.

We do everything in-house—because too many vendors are a prescription for failure.

Planning. Installation. Architecture. Support. Maintenance. You don’t need more disparate systems trying to work together. More moving pieces is not the answer. And you shouldn’t risk an incompatible update from one provider derailing your entire hotel. We keep it all in one place for seamless end-to-end deliverability. Because it makes your day easier.

Most companies add more products. We create a better service.

As devices get smarter, our network is in the best position to run it all. We’re already prepared for predictable upgrades and the growth of The Internet of Things. So when the time comes to add new devices, we’ll be ready.

We have the best infrastructure. Our delivery is efficient. And our people care. You’ll have cutting-edge architecture supported by great employees—and your hotel will be another step closer to providing the ultimate guest experience.

You’ll see the difference in your reviews.

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Our goal is to ensure that guests connect to the Internet
—it's that simple.

-James Tubo, Blueprint RF COO