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Customer Portal

You’ll have a guide every step of the way.

When you speak with our sales team, we’ll begin designing your hotel network. And we’ll confirm its accuracy with an on-site visit by a local technician.

3 easy steps to getting started

Step 1

Contact our teams to discuss your needs

Step 2

We’ll conduct a site survey and create your Wi-Fi network plan

Step 3

We’ll install, test, and connect your hotel network

For existing properties

Your entire Wi-Fi network can be replaced and upgraded with minimal disruption to your hotel guests, and zero downtime to your system. Our technicians are discreet—and you’ll hardly notice we’re there until you see your internet speeds get faster.

For new construction

We’ll work with your contractors to forecast an installation date that won’t disrupt your timeline and keeps your opening on pace.

WiFi Network Delivery for Hotels
WiFI Network Delivery

Our Technicians are Vetted, Insured, and Trained to Treat Your Guests Like You Do

We work only with reputable installers—many of whom work exclusively for us. That means they’re remarkably familiar with our equipment, as well as the brand standards of your hotel.

Whether they’re installing lines in new construction or replacing an existing system, our technicians are trained to be discreet, polite, and every bit as hospitable as your staff.

WiFi Network Delivery for Hotels
Hotel WiFi Network Layout and Design

Excellent Delivery is Just the Beginning

We perform extensive quality assurance testing to ensure your network is dialed-in perfectly and delivering the best internet experience possible.

Our 24/7/365 support services are made aware of your specific infrastructure and hardware the moment you’re online—and the DG2 Wi-Fi server immediately begins to learn, track, and adapt to your hotel’s needs. Our commitment to excellence and providing exceptional service to our customers is one of the many benefits you have with us.

Blueprint RF Turn-Key Network Solutions

You don’t have to be an expert to get the network you want. We’ll build it for you, and then do a lot more than hand you the keys and say goodbye.

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