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Blueprint RF Business Center Solutions
Hotel Business Center Solutions

Safe, Secure, and Fully-Protected

One of the biggest concerns travelers have when using a hotel business center is trusting its security. They’re concerned about their passwords and sensitive information. And as a hotel owner, you have bigger tasks to worry about than monitoring computers for misuse, illegal downloads, and block inappropriate content.

The Blueprint RF SmartCenters offer a solution for everyone.

All user data will be cleared between sessions, offensive sites can be blocked, and other than checking printers for paper, your business center will hardly require any attention.

Blueprint RF Business Center Solutions
Business Center Computers

You’ll Have All the Latest Software and Warranties For Your Protection.

In addition to creating a custom-branded portal page for your hotel, we’ll monitor your system for routine updates and software upgrades.

Plus, your hardware and printers will be protected by our Security Suite software and covered by the warranty from normal wear-and-tear.

If there’s ever an issue our 24/7 remote support can’t fix, we’ll help you secure replacements as quickly as possible, depending on the warranty's status.

Blueprint RF Business Center Solutions
Hotel Business Centers - Dell Optiplex 7480 AIO

Blueprint RF SmartCenters Include:

  • Optional Touchscreen Dell PCs
  • Fully customizable portal pages
  • Hotel Concierge apps
  • Microsoft Office
  • Secured USB ports for safe client printing
  • Internet email
  • Links to local service (optional)
  • Lexmark printers (separately purchased)
Blueprint RF Business Center Solutions

You can design each SmartCenter to meet your venue’s unique and “dedicated” needs, such as one-step board pass management, weather services for flight planning and local services concierge.

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