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Blueprint RF WiFi Server
WiFi Network Server

Better. Stronger. Faster

DG2 creates a new standard for Hospitality servers and transforms the industry landscape with a fully-formed integration for deeper analytics to run your hotels or business.

We’ve engineered DG2 to deliver 40 gigabits per interface for superior guest experience and more than 200 new features that can be configured to your specific needs.

Our innovative platform offers seamless roaming though a single click configuration to ensure dedicated bandwidths. Whether your guests are lounging by the pool or in meetings, DG2 will provide an exceptional experience.

Built from the ground up, DG2 delivers all the strengths and industry-leading features from our original platform and the quality and security you have come to expect from us.

And Now, More Can Join the Party.

DG2 isn’t just for hotels. Our WiFi network solution can power apartment and senior communities, social entertainment venues, airports, and much more.

If your business relies on technology-driven WiFi and rich analytics, we can eliminate the hassle of network management while you focus on business growth.

Your Dominion Platform Includes:

C319F02F-FCE3-407B-9975-2CBB9285DCF5Created with sketchtool. Content Filtering

Define the WiFi experience you want for customers. With DG2, you can limit areas of the Internet for a customized experience.

C319F02F-FCE3-407B-9975-2CBB9285DCF5Created with sketchtool. High Availability Clustering

Power failure? Your customer won’t notice because this enterprise grade feature (with nine nines availability) kicks the backup into action.

C319F02F-FCE3-407B-9975-2CBB9285DCF5Created with sketchtool. Bandwidth Distribution

Say goodbye to the old static cap. With DG2, bandwidth is based on usage and dispersed evenly when your hotels are full.

Hotel WiFi Server
Managed Network WiFi Server

Manage All Seven Layers of your WiFi Network

Why not control all the entire Internet experience? DG2 allows you to set policies on all seven layers of the gateway from hardware to application, including full policy management on the seventh layer.

With this upgraded WiFI network, DG2 never lets its guard down. Backups are daily and include MNS and IDS monitoring, plus the added ability to immediately detect if your network is being hacked.

All critical information and network intelligence data are collected on-site by DG2, then safely delivered to the cloud, where it can be accessed via your Dashboard Guest data and traffic patterns are always available in just a few clicks.

Blueprint RF Dominion Server
Blueprint RF Gateway Server

With DG2, You are Getting One Platform to Rule Them All

Traditional WiFi networks require three separate components to power, protect, and balance your high-speed internet. Yet the devices are often incompatible and won’t pass traffic unless you disable major safety features. This exposes your hotel network and leaves sensitive information vulnerable.

But the DG2 delivers end-to-end integration in one secure, harmonious unit. It’s is a 3-in-1 network solution that processes, protects, and delivers all the information on your network, and stores it safely in the cloud.

It also controls guest activity and ensures uninterrupted high-speed internet access (HSIA) for everyone. With DG2, you have an upgraded WiFi network with modern architecture that allows you endless capabilities to deliver a premium Internet experience for your customers.

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