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Hotel business centers have grown to become an essential commodity for guest satisfaction and experience. These hubs provide a dedicated space for business travelers to take care of essential duties and tasks, such as taking conference calls, printing important documents, or hunkering down to focus on work.

These centers are not limited to executives and business professionals who are on the go. They can also support the needs of digital freelancers, remote workers, and everyday travelers – all of which make up a larger portion of everyday hotel guests. In turn, the needs and demands of such guests are wide-ranging, prompting hotels to turn their technology weaknesses into opportunities to upgrade.

For hoteliers, embracing the importance of a hotel’s business center is critical to remain competitive. Here are a few thought-starters to help you reimagine and create a welcoming space for guests to conduct business while out of the office.

What is a Hotel Business Center?

The hotel’s business center is an intentional space that’s designed to provide a range of services and office-related accommodations for the corporate traveler. At the most basic level, hotel business centers offer technologies like scanners and printers, fax machines, and computers with secure, high-speed Internet access.

More advanced business centers may include features like docking stations and device chargers, teleconferencing technologies, and even dedicated conference rooms. But as the working dynamics of everyday business travelers evolves, fundamentals like fast and reliable hotel WiFi solutions become most important. 

responsibilities of business centers for modern travelers

Duties and Responsibilities of Business Centers for Modern Travelers

As the travel and hospitality industries bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, global tourism is expected to see a full recovery by 2023. The aftermath has reshaped how many organizations conduct business, especially in terms of employee working dynamics.

Of the most notable trends is the development of the digital economy and more employees conducting their work remotely. Countless companies are finding a majority of their employees don’t need to be in the office to be effective, accountable, and productive. In turn, teleworking, or a hybrid of remote and in-office work, has become the new normal for many businesses.

What does this mean for hotels and the hospitality industry at large? In simple terms, these trends are a call to action for hotels to accommodate more guests who are taking their work with them while traveling. The primary productivity hubs for teleworkers are business centers in hotels, and, as we can see, the importance of business centers extends well beyond having access to a printer. Modern travelers need secure connectivity and turnkey access to essential hardware and software while working on-the-go.

Elements of Hotel Business Center Design

What goes into designing well-maintained business centers in hotels? Take a page out of Blueprint RF’s textbook and its innovative SmartCenter technology.

Secure and Fully-Protected Business Centers

Security is a major concern that travelers have when using a hotel’s business center, especially when it comes to using passwords and sending sensitive information over the Internet. SmartCenters minimize guest security concerns and eliminate monitoring worries that can burden hoteliers.

Business-Minded Technologies

With Blueprint RF SmartCenters, hoteliers can equip their business centers with the right combination of technology to meet their guests’ needs.

Hotels can even design a business center so their guests’ can more easily access local services, weather services for flight planning, and easy boarding pass management.

Managed Systems and 24/7 Remote Support

With any hotel SmartCenter, Blueprint RF’s technicians will monitor the business center’s systems for routine updates and software upgrades. Additionally, printers and hardware are protected by Blueprint RF’s Security Suite software and warranty-covered from routine wear. 

Hoteliers can enjoy the confidence of having 24/7 remote support at their fingertips. In cases where issues can’t be fixed remotely, Blueprint RF will work to ensure replacements are made in a timely fashion, depending on the hardware warranty’s status.

hotel business center upgrade from blueprint rf

Leverage Hotel Business Center Upgrades with Blueprint RF

Today’s business men and women need more than a place to sleep when they book a hotel. These travelers require office-ready amenities to stay connected and conduct their business at all times. Enabling access to email, Microsoft Office applications and cloud-based platforms are just as crucial as offering secure WiFi connectivity and quiet workspaces to take conference calls and one-on-one meetings.  

Learn more about how to leverage the hotel business center upgrades from Blueprint RF. Contact us for more information.

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