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Keeping your visitors and hospitality staff connected is essential. Nevertheless, the sheer number of guest devices and streaming activities makes it difficult for wireless networks to keep up. A guest WiFi as a Service platform puts the control in your hands while eliminating the headache of managing your hotel internet.

Learn how high-speed WiFi solutions provide the infrastructure, software, and managed services to guarantee excellent guest services for every traveler.

What is WiFi as a Service (WaaS)?

WiFi as a Service, also called Wireless as a Service, is a subscription-based solution that’s fully managed by your hospitality network provider. It uses cloud-based systems to deliver real-time insights on-site, making it easy to adapt your bandwidth with only a click. Solutions include:

WaaS Components 

Successful wireless network deployments rely on mission-critical elements before, during, and after implementation. Fully managed networks differ from out-of-box systems because your services are customized to your hotel’s specific needs. With a managed WiFi subscription, your provider provides:

Necessary infrastructure: Equipment and hardware engineered for optimal use in hospitality environments based on your building’s unique needs.

Cloud software: From business intelligence to centralized network management, managed services provide intuitive dashboards for your hotel.

Managed network services: Get support 24/7/365 for your hotel while providing guests direct access to brand specialists.

3 Benefits of Managed Wireless Networks

The advantages of switching to WaaS range from predictable monthly costs to scalable services updated with the latest technologies. A managed WiFi solution leverages your existing resources while giving you the benefits that come from partnering with industry experts.

1. Cost Savings

Enterprise-grade wireless networks require large up-front capital expenditures for infrastructure, equipment, and software. It takes massive IT resources to handle maintenance and updates. With WiFi as a Service, providers automate network monitoring so you can focus your IT teams on critical business functions.

2. Enterprise-Grade Internet Security

With hundreds of devices accessing your wireless network, security risks threaten your system. Managed WiFi providers supply safeguards and built-in redundancies to guarantee uninterrupted high-speed internet access (HSIA).

3. Reliability

Disruptions to your guest WiFi network results in poor experiences and increased customer service complaints. Outsourcing to a Wireless as a Service provider ensures predictable connections through consistent real-time monitoring of WiFi network health and bandwidth performance.

Why Hotels Use Guest WiFi as a Service

When you use a separate network for guests, you ensure critical hotel functions and data are protected. However, the complexities and increased traffic strain your network teams. Guests flood your phones with requests for assistance, further extending your staff.

Guest WiFi solutions provide robust support for you and your hotel guests. The result is faster wireless speeds, improved experiences, and less hassle for everyone.

WiFi as Service Providers and Platforms

Your guests expect the best, and you do too. That’s why selecting the right services for your hotel is vital to excellent outcomes. Your WiFi as a Service provider is more than a monthly subscription. They partner with you, working to improve your technology integrations and getting your crews up to speed.

Turnkey WaaS Network Delivery 

Whether you’re replacing an existing system or starting fresh, Blueprint RF takes your plan from design to delivery in 10 days. The transition is seamless, with zero downtime and minimal disruption. Plus, you can stay informed during the process using the Live As-Built application. It delivers a real-time view of your installation services.

Our teams live and breathe hospitality just like you. All experts, from installation crews to support agents, are thoroughly vetted, insured, and trained to follow your brand standards for top-notch care.

Wireless Network Dashboard

With real-time access, you can see what’s going on and where. Oversee network health or dig into a room-by-room analysis to easily troubleshoot problems or predict upcoming needs. With access to data, you deliver consistent guest experiences while growing your business. Gain insights with customer dashboard metrics, including:

Dominion Platform 

With hospitality industry compliant architecture, the Dominion platform integrates three distinct elements into one system. Gateway authentication, packet shaping, and circuit load balancing come together in a seamless solution built for fast high-speed wireless services.

Your data stays safe in a cloud-hosted data warehouse with seven-layer firewalls protecting its transfer to use in your on-site dashboard. Plus, disaster recovery is easy, with our off-site backup ready for your on-site recovery.

Customer and Hotel Guest Support

Blueprint RF provides hotel clients with access to a help desk featuring more than 100 agents and network operating center specialists (NOCs). Our teams have training in the installation, management, and testing of hotel wireless networks.

Fully managed guest WiFi services provide a separate line for guest support, matching your standard of care on every phone call. Furthermore, we offer customer service for various devices, including older hardware or outdated equipment. Get help with your technology systems such as:

Hospitality Conference Management

As professional office space decreases, executives turn to the hospitality industry for small to large conference and event spaces. However, they also increasingly want extra bandwidth to stream to remote and global teams.

The technical requirements, like extra IP addresses or custom platforms, can eat into profits. Grow your hotel strategically using the available conference management application with features such as:

Explore Guest WiFi as a Service Solutions

Increase your guest satisfaction scores by giving visitors easy and secure access to the internet. Simplify your work with a managed WiFi service provider that delivers custom hotel design backed by dedicated support staff. Take the next steps by connecting with Blueprint RF.

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