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Free WiFi connectivity is commonplace for hotels, coffee shops, and airports. But just in the last several years has WiFi become an integrated feature for apartment complexes, condominiums, and other multiple-dwelling units, or MDUs.

In most housing complexes and MDUs, tenants are responsible for acquiring their own Internet service. However, this general approach comes with a slew of privacy, security, and installation concerns that can complicate matters for tenants. Combined with more and more people working remotely from their living space, having a fast and secure wireless connection has become a valuable commodity.

Forward-thinking landlords and property managers are beginning to adopt MDU WiFi as a value-added service that can be included as part of a tenant’s utilities. Rather than allowing conventional Internet and cable providers to bill tenants for such services, many property managers are taking advantage of offering this service directly.

WiFi Connectivity as a Competitive Advantage

As a landlord or property manager, you’re responsible for the general maintenance of the complex, including repairs, extermination, and a host of other services for tenants – all of which are factored into regular payments. In many cases, you work with a maintenance technician or handyman to address any issues and keep things operating smoothly.

The opportunity many property managers are embracing is the idea of folding WiFi into the mix of amenities for tenants. By partnering with a managed WiFi vendor, you can become the Internet services provider of your apartment or condominium complex – all with the support of a trusted team of professionals.

Not only is offering free WiFi for apartments, condos, or other MDU tenants a competitive advantage for the business but it’s proven to be a financially viable long-term strategy that helps generate extra revenue.

Benefits of MDU WiFi for Apartments & Condos

MDU WiFi turns your entire apartment building or condominium complex into an expansive WiFi hotspot. This enables wireless access in individual units as well as common areas like the lobby, gym, or pool facilities.

WiFi connectivity isn’t just limited to accessing the Internet, either. It can offer the essential connection to support a range of IoT-enabled devices and smart technologies that modern housing units thrive on, like appliances, access control, security systems, thermostats, lighting, and voice-activated systems.

In traditional MDU environments where residents must source their own Internet service, hundreds of routers compete for the wireless spectrum. A managed WiFi service can better coordinate the network’s design and access points to make optimal use of the limited wireless spectrum. In turn, the MDU as a whole can enjoy secure, high-speed, property-wide WiFi.

Property Managers, Why Partner with a WiFi Provider?

For landlords and property managers, providing high-capacity managed WiFi services for residents can generate extra revenue while offering a competitive edge in attracting new tenants. Other benefits of working with a managed WiFi provider include:

From the volume of tenants to the infrastructure that supports their daily life, apartments, condos, and other MDUs can leverage the benefits of managed WiFi services. To learn more, contact BlueprintRF for more information.

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