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Choosing the best internet for hotels is no easy task. Along with assessing your WiFi installation cost, you need a strategy to ensure a return on your investment. However, estimating a price tag for your wireless amenities is challenging, as each building needs a custom solution.

Although your final hotel WiFi cost may vary, the right upgrades combine affordability and value to vastly improve the guest experience. Learn about the factors that impact your wireless installation, then consider ways to boost your technology budget for necessary improvements.

Essential Elements of Internet for Hotels

73% of leisure travelers insist that free internet access is very important when choosing a hotel. Yet, internet infrastructure is a pricey investment. Successful WiFi deployment uses a combination of switches and access points (APs) for ideal speeds throughout your building, exterior spaces, and even parking areas.

Network design impacts your hotel WiFi cost as well. Optimal AP placement and a combination of wired and wireless solutions deliver speedy internet for hotels while protecting aesthetics. When estimating your hotel WiFi installation cost, it’s essential to understand how a managed network provider evaluates existing infrastructure to deliver a custom solution.

How do hotel WiFi systems work?

At a basic level, your hotel internet is similar to other commercial systems. It relies on internet cables and business-grade equipment that supports wireless users, hotel IoT solutions, and office operations. Typical WiFi setup includes:

But, hotel buildings present unique challenges, like soundproof walls and in-room amenities. Multiple barriers cause connectivity issues and affect your total hotel WiFi installation cost. Fortunately, a variety of solutions extend wireless services to guest rooms, public spaces, and exterior amenities.

Estimate Your Hotel WiFi Installation Cost

For guest-pleasing speeds, your hotel WiFi cost includes various wireless and wired equipment, custom network design, and initial setup fees. Your hotel managed network provider completes a site survey before providing you with an estimate. During their evaluation, technicians look at:

Hotel property size. The guest experience starts before travelers enter your hotel. In most cases, your wireless coverage must extend to the inside and outside of your building. A site survey looks at ground topography and the total area of your interior and exterior spaces. Extra cabling and equipment due to a property’s size and shape affect your hotel WiFi installation cost.

Wall composition. Guest room internet service is a priority. Yet the walls to hallways are often soundproofed with materials such as concrete, which reduces connectivity. Furthermore, these walls have bathrooms, kitchenettes, and barriers on the other side, creating further issues. Adjustments may be needed to optimize signal penetration.

The number of access points. Fast WiFi depends on well-placed, commercial-grade access points. Surveyors examine potential placement and line of site viability. Although APs are a significant initial investment, purposeful network design balances affordability with accessibility.

Extra wireless equipment. For seamless transitions between spaces, your hotel may require a wireless range extender, additional controllers, and an upgraded router. Your hotel site survey identifies all potential issues so engineers can recommend the best solutions.

How much does WiFi cost to install?

As with any technology investment, your hotel WiFi installation cost depends on your property layout, size, and existing infrastructure. A qualified provider starts with a thorough assessment of your hotel premises. Once complete, engineers use this data to design an efficient wireless network diagram and equipment list.

During a consultation, a managed network provider reviews your requirements and works with you to create a WiFi installation strategy. Consultants identify necessary equipment and give you price estimates for each stage of installation.  Your final hotel WiFi cost depends on:

Your provider will also provide options for ongoing maintenance and support. To see a return on your investment, it’s vital to develop a longterm plan for maintaining equipment and adjusting bandwidth to meet future needs.

Hotel WiFi Cost Versus Value

Internet for hotels is a critical technology investment, which is one reason why “54% of hotels plan to increase their technology budgets,” according to Hospitality Tech. Yet, almost half of the small independent hotels surveyed base technology purchase decisions on affordability and value.

Wireless services provide must-have features that benefit hotels and guests. And improving your WiFi directly impacts guest satisfaction scores and hotel reviews. Happy travelers turn into repeat visitors who tell their friends about their incredible experience. Your hotel WiFi installation cost, maintenance, and operation provide:

How to Determine WiFi Value

Monitor your hotel WiFi system to identify existing problems during peak hours and off times. For instance, you may receive more complaints from guests when your internet is running slow, or they’re unable to connect. Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide insights into revenue lost from reduced productivity and poor guest experience. Consider how a WiFi upgrade affects your KPIs, such as:

Internet for Hotels: Discover Your Scalable Network Solution

Starting with the right design allows you to complete the project, then quickly scale your services as demand increases. You’ll know where to place APs, how to manage your bandwidth, and have a system for maintenance and operations. By assessing your KPIs and tweaking your technology, you can see a quicker return on your initial WiFi installation costs. Explore managed network solutions that prioritize longterm value for your hotel.

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