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If you have a passion for sports, you may think there’s no good way to incorporate that passion into your work. Many sports-related job functions tend to go to former athletes, coaches, and those who have gone to school for sports science; people outside of those categories might feel like they’re on the outside looking in.

If you’re a hospitality industry professional, however, you may be in luck. There are several job opportunities worth considering if you want your love of sports to fit into your work life. Here are five of the many sports hospitality jobs to consider.

1. Event Coordinator

Putting on a sporting event at any venue requires a lot of behind the scenes planning. The bulk of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the sporting event coordinator. Before the big game, sporting event coordinators have to:

Essentially, a sporting event coordinator could be responsible for anything that needs to be planned and executed for a sporting event. If you’re someone who is both organized and a strong planner, the role of a sporting event coordinator could be the perfect way to combine your love of sports with your strengths in the hospitality industry.

In addition to sporting events, the event coordinator may also take on the responsibilities of booking and planning non-sports-related events at the facility, such as concerts. If you love both sports and music, then the position of event coordinator might be even more perfect for you.

2. Marketing Manager

Are you an expert marketer? If so, you should consider a role as a sports marketing manager.

Sports marketing managers develop successful marketing campaigns to engage with fans of a team, as well as put together campaigns that draw in business sponsors. A successful marketing manager plays a massive role in creating buzz and excitement around a team or sporting event.

Tasked with wide-reaching responsibilities, marketing managers are responsible to:

If you’re enticed by the idea of helping teams drum up excitement and boost sales, then the role of a  marketing manager just may be your calling.

3. Social Media Manager

In today’s online age, social media is a massive tool for nearly every business. Both professional and college sports teams frequently use official social media accounts to make important announcements and foster a positive relationship with fans. The person responsible for those accounts? The social media manager.

In this role, you will be on the frontline of the online fan experience. Social media managers need to:

For hospitality professionals fervent about both social media and sports, the position of social media manager is a perfect job opportunity.

4. Event Suite Manager

Many professional and college stadiums have luxury suites located within them. These suites, sometimes referred to as “luxury boxes,” are high-ticket items that fans and businesses pay good money to sit and watch the game. These luxury suites are all about an upscale experience, and require an event suite manager to keep them in top shape.

In this position, you’ll be responsible for making arrangements and ensuring that the luxury suite is indeed a luxurious experience. This includes handling catering, drinks, and any other amenities included in the suite. Suites are expensive, so above all your job is to ensure that the experience is worth the price of admission.

Among other responsibilities, event suit managers will:

If you love sports and know how to put together a premium experience, this job could be right up your alley.

5. Hospitality Ambassador

If you have a way with people, then a job as a hospitality ambassador could be a great fit. In this position, you will act as a friendly face representing the team, league, or sporting event you’re employed by. Much of your time will be spent greeting and interacting with fans, working to provide a positive brand image of the organization. You may also be tasked with answering fan questions and complaints to resolve any pain points that may arise.

A hospitality ambassador may also be called a brand ambassador, but the functions are essentially the same; as such, the two titles are often used interchangeably. Your primary duty is to create an authentic connection between the fans and the team or organization you support.

Altogether, hospitality ambassadors will:

If you’re all about providing positive experiences and developing human connections, you may just be a great candidate for a job as a hospitality ambassador.

Sports Fans Can Find Ways to Be Involved

As you can now plainly see, there are plenty of ways to leverage your experience in the hospitality industry into a rewarding job k in sports There is a wide range of jobs that need your specific skills to help with sports teams, leagues, and events. While some of these positions may prefer those with a sports management degree, most of them simply require that you have a strong background in the skills you’ve already gained through the hospitality industry.

If you have a passion for sports, you don’t have to let that passion remain a hobby. There are real opportunities to make a good living working with your love for sports. Blueprint RF offers insights and resources for professional growth in the hospitality industry. Check out our other blog articles to learn more about potential career opportunities.

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