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Nearly every modern device seems to be “smart” — from phones and tablets, to even our cars and kitchen appliances. Technology has evolved and transformed our day-to-day lives, making little tasks easier, streamlining larger lifts, and overall improving our lives.

Today, these smart developments are going even further than our gadgets or cars. Connectivity is of the utmost priority for locations, whether that’s hotels, resorts, event centers, city parks or downtowns. This need for connectivity even extends to golf courses.

In this article, we’ll outline the importance of providing seamless and powerful WiFi to all 18 holes of a golf course, regardless how expansive the course itself is. We’ll also showcase Blueprint RF’s technology — which has provided connectivity for The Masters at Augusta, arguably the best golf course in the world. Let’s tee off.

What Is a Smart Golf Course?

Smart golf courses are the golf courses of the future, today. Through cutting edge technology, smart golf courses provide real-time monitoring for irrigation and pump systems, automated vehicle location capabilities for carts and players, and a strong WiFi system that can handle the ups and downs of a sprawling course.

This technology is rooted in IoT, which stands for “internet of things.” In layman’s terms, IoT refers to a system of internet-connected sensors that work together inside everyday objects to collect and transfer data over a wireless network.

Blueprint RF specializes in this technology, offering a service known as “WiFi mesh network” for golf courses. For smart golf courses, this connectivity is everything. Course managers can utilize this service to create a network that strategically and effectively positions devices and sensors across a golf course. These devices ensure connectivity — even in the most challenging of conditions — that’s as strong as Scott Scheffler’s stroke.

How a Smart Golf Course Benefits Golf Cart GPS

Strong WiFi connectivity across a golf course simplifies the golf experience by eliminating technology-related hiccups. A major benefit of this lies in the golf cart experience, both for players and course managers. Let’s dive into how.

Next Hole Navigation 

By honing course WiFI connectivity, golf carts gain speedy, reliable access to GPS. As such, players are able to follow digestible directions to their next holes. While course navigation may seem simple, courses can often be confusing — where’s your specific tee? What path should you drive on? What’s the correct approach to the next hole?  Providing effortless connectivity lowers guest confusion, and this increases their satisfaction levels.They’ll play better and be happier — a win for everyone.

Limit Restricted Areas

Golf courses regularly go through changes, construction, and new growth. These areas of development should not be disturbed by golfers, especially those in potentially damaging golf carts. The ability to prevent carts from entering areas that they should not — whether the reasoning is environmental, safety-related or other — is vital for regular course improvement. Smart golf courses help prevent patrons from making bad decisions, increasing their overall experience.

Enhanced Guest Experience

A good day on the course is enjoyable for everyone involved. Providing the amenities of a smart golf course is a surefire way to increase guest experience and play.

Wind Speeds

If you’re ever whacked a ball down a fairway, you know that there are countless variables that play a role in the ball’s trajectory. The main factor, however, is wind. WiFi connectivity allows golf players to keep track of wind speeds and note how they will affect play. These decisions can entirely transform someone’s game.

Tracking Weather

No golfer wants to get caught in a thunderstorm on the course. By providing WiFi connectivity, Blueprint RF can help keep guests alert on inclement weather, regardless of where they are on the course. Weather app alerts can direct golfers to a clubhouse before things get too out of hand.

Smart Golf Clubs

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, smart golf clubs help golf players improve their strokes and game through digital analysis. That analysis, however, is pointless without reliable WiFi or connectivity. By ensuring excellent connectivity, guests don’t need to worry that their strokes and styles won’t be properly tracked or recorded. Once tracked, this data offers a referenceable blueprint of understanding and analysis on how to improve a player’s game.

Smart Golf Courses Improve Golf Cart GPS & Enhance Guest Experience

While technology can’t guarantee golf success,it can certainly help people improve both their personal games and overall experience. By utilizing Blueprint RF’s WiFi technology, golf courses are able to provide a friendly foundation that encourages positive play.

Blueprint’s WiFi capabilities extend far beyond the golf course. Explore our full suite of ​​WiFi solutions, and learn how our team can strategically support your diverse WiFi needs today.

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