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Customer Portal
Blueprint RF WiFi Monitoring

Gain valuable insight into your guests' WiFi needs and behaviors

Meet our Customer Dashboard. A first-of-its-kind application that brings together your hotel’s complex data and network activity into an easy-to-use format.

The Dashboard gives you a more in-depth understanding of your guests’ Internet habits. The more data it collects, the better it forecasts your hotel needs from bandwidth distribution to eventually upgraded hardware.

The moment you log in, you’ll see the overall network health of your hotel. In just a few clicks, you’ll have detailed specifics that identify and predict the future needs of your managed WiFI network. Then you can plan your strategy and provide great service without missing a beat.

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Blueprint RF WiFi Software

Why Partner with Blueprint RF

11 Reasons to Partner With Us for an Improved Guest Stay

We are a managed WiFi company built from the ground up. For close to 10 years, we have strived to help businesses expand their WiFi technology. Here’s 11 reasons to partner with us:

1. We Value Relationships
WiFI Network Server

The Next-Generation Server that is redefining WiFi

DG2 creates a new standard for Hospitality servers and transforms the industry landscape with a fully-formed integration for deeper analytics to run your hotels or business.

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Hotel General Manager Training

Tips and Ideas for Hotel GMs To Learn and Grow

From strategies on working with staff to aspirational goals of owning a hotel, we understand hotel GMs work every day to be their best, while still wanting more for their life.

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