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Customer Portal
Choice Hotels

A Choice Hotel network provider

BluePrint RF is proud to partner with Choice Hotels as a WiFi provider.

At Choice, you bring together the people, brand and technology that enables a successful guest stay. At Blueprint RF, we develop innovative technology that help guests stay connected and experience a quality WiFi network for all size hotels, including economy, mid-scale and upscale brands. Sounds like a perfect match.

Our Customer Dashboard solution is a perfect “choice” for your company. (Sorry, we had to…)  It’s a simple user experience for your company and hotel general managers. Our custom reports provide a complete view into everything that’s happening on your network. Our analytics learn patterns dynamically, spotting opportunities and anticipating issues, so your network is optimized to meet your business challenges.

By choosing Blueprint RF, you get a relationship with specialists who use innovative network hardware, software and service solutions to provide business-centered insights into how your network can grow your business.

We are a preferred vendor for many hotel brands including:

Marriott Guest WiFi Provider
Hyatt Hotels Network Service Provider
Great Wolf Lodge Network Services Provider
Bluegreen Vacations Network Service Provider