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Blueprint RF WiFi Solutions

With Us, You Get More Than a Network

At Blueprint RF, we specialize in creating customized internet solutions so that you can keep everything running without a hiccup, and your guests keep coming back for more. One hotel is not like the other, so why should all internet solutions be the same?  Here’s how we are different:

  • Our technology is built on a unified platform for better control.
  • Approved WiFi vendors for U.S. Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt hotels.
  • No one gives you a deeper dataset to help with future needs.
  • Owned by a financially strong, family-owned company.


When we focus on your needs, the savings follow. That’s the value of customization.

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Blueprint RF WiFi Dashboard

A Deep Dataset for Growth

Our Customer Dashboard offers an-depth understanding of your guests’ Internet habits. The more data it collects, the better it forecasts your Internet needs now and in the future.

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Blueprint RF Support

Continued Support 24/7/365

You’ll have full transparency into every ticket and how they’ve been resolved. Our Customer Dashboard logs every support call and provides detailed recaps for your review.

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Blueprint RF blog

Ideas and Insights

From leadership guidance for general managers to Wi-Fi learning, our blog has you covered with ideas and insights at the crossroads of technology and professional growth.

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